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Implants - the key to longer life for your teeth

The teeth are a perfect masterpiece of nature. You should do all your own teeth in order to maintain and preserve. Even the most modern technology, the function of nature is very good mimic and optically correct, can surpass the technology and medicine is not natural. A lifelong professional oral health program is opitmale the way for the long-term preservation of your teeth.


Our Dental Services in Frankfurt / Main  - Germany

Dental Implants regular and immediate loaded  - Implant Treatment -

 - regular treatment,
 - x ray diagnosing,
 - hygiene,
 - laser gum treatment ,
 - specialist consulting,
 - cosmetic dentistry,
 - scaling (ultrasound plaque removal),
 - plaque removal,
 - teeth whitening,
 - newest implants, prostheses




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