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Our CAD-G Centers for Implant Dentistry and metal free treatment in Hamburg is comprised of a large group of dentists and specialists technicians, who offer  General and Cosmetic Dentistry, Bleaching - Whitening, Orthodontics, Periodontics, Endodontics,  Immediate loaded Implants, Oral Surgery,Reconstructive Dentistry with Cosmetic Dentists and Specialists all in our spacious and new mid-town Hamburg office in Germany

Our dental practice and clinic in Hamburg practice particularly enjoys cosmetic reconstruction for phobic patients involving our multi-specialty in-office team. 

We provide premium comprehensive and personalized Cosmetic & Reconstructive Dentistry to people who appreciate efficiency and comfort.  We offer unique Fear Management techniques.

We provide significant pain control during and after office visits

We offer   anxiety reduction through the use of medication and/or behavioral therapy

Detailed treatment plans and written estimates upon individual patient needs.

Your first appointment will include a full initial examination of your teeth and gums including x-rays or ct-scan plus oral hygiene instruction. A treatment plan will be discussed with you taking into account individual requirements, such as time, finances, treatment anxieties, cosmetic needs and so on.

Implant Dentistry in Hamburg

With beautiful teeth smile is much easier; beautiful teeth are also a synonym for life, health, wellbeing and success. To lost teeth can have trouble eating and speaking occur. That must not happen.

An implant is a reliable and more comfortable replacement for the missing tooth, in detail: for the missing tooth root. The implants (artificial teeth) are at the point in the jaw bone implanted, in which one's own tooth was lost. This is usually done by a smooth brief intervention.

In some cases, the jawbones as an additional foundation surgically prepared. Once the implant is healed, individual crowns or complete tooth rows are firmly anchored.
Especially people with an incomplete or inadequate dental prosthesis can stop the implants by their quality of life and joy of life increase dramatically.

The implant is a safe procedure with a high long-term success. Especially when the long-term care through regular participation in an oral health program is secured, is a lifelong fixed nothing to bite. We are ready to srve you here in Hamburg, Germany.


Dental treatments and dental implants available in:

Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Duesseldorf, Freiburg, Koeln,

Nuernberg, Fuerth, Mainz, Osnabrueck and many other cities.


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Cad-G dentists in 71 German cities available.



Your first appointment will include a full examination of your teeth and gums including x-rays plus oral hygiene instruction.

We will speak about technologies, discuss different solutions and material.

A detailed treatment plan will be written and discussed with you taking into account individual requirements, such as time, finances, treatment anxieties and cosmetic needs.

Metal - free technologies available.





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